Background of PARITTRAN
In 1993 a group of dalit student by born a small dalit Students’ Association, The new name was called ‘Parittran’. The meaning of this Bengali word is ‘Liberation or Salvation.’ Parittran is a promise. Parittran is a movement, for the Dalits and by the dalits. PARITTRAN, a non-government organization, is the first dalit social action group in Bangladesh working for the empowerment of Dalit communities. This is community-based organizations, and networks that work to secure social change and protect the rights of Dalit. PARITTRAN, promote towards strengthening the Dalit Movement. The Social action group (Parittran) is committed towards building a strong line of leadership for the Dalit Movement. The SAG is dedicated to building the capacities of our people through progress reviews and Education support, Mass awareness campaign, Developed IEC Materials, Developed video documentary film on the dalits life and show, Evidence based lobby and advocacy Meeting, Fact findings on the HR violence of dalits, Media campaign workshops that are conducted periodically. Additionally the aim is to build skills through accounts, legal aid and Dalit women leadership workshops as well as cluster level meetings.

In the long term working we have achieved at community, state, institutional level which indicated the sustainable changes of dalit’s in Bangladesh. Such as; Govt. has amended a dalit development policy, 80% quota in cleaning job for sweeper community and declaration for special quota for other dalits unemployed youth. 1.0% reservation in Dhaka University for admit in higher education for dalits student, National human right commission, civil society organization and Law commission under taken initiative to drafting anti discriminatory law. There ae 54 district committee of Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (national level dalit right based independent platform), 7 divisional committee and 1 central committee has been developed and nurtured by Parittran.

Organizational Vision/ Organizational Philosophy

Establishing a society of equality free from social, gender and class discrepancy having equal rights and opportunities for the people

Organizational Values

Parittran has mind to start a movement of the Dalit and Excluded people towards achieving social and economical benefits, human rights and self respect. This movement values at: Eradicating social evils such as caste and untouchability Developing sustainable economic activities. Making Dalit and Excluded people aware of their rights and social and ecological problems.

Organizational Mission Statement

To empower of Dalit and Excluded people, especially women, children and youth, ensure dignity, social security and establishment of human rights in our country.

Working Area

Satkhira – Shyamnagar, Jashore- Keshabpur and Khulna- Koyra.

List of online course certificate holders

Md Alauddin Sardar Md Alauddin Sardar Md Alauddin Sardar
Noyon Kumar Gain Noyon Kumar Gain Noyon Kumar Gain
Uzzal Kumar Das Uzzal Kumar Das Uzzal Kumar Das

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