Youth For Change Bangladesh

Youth For Change Bangladesh

Background of Youth For Change Bangladesh
Youth for Change Bangladesh (YFC-BD) is a part of the global youth-led coalition of youth activists titled "Youth For Change" working in partnership with organizations and governments to create positive change in society. Youth For Change launched in 2015 as a project of Plan International and became an independent entity since 2018. YFC currently have organizations based in Bangladesh, UK & Tanzania. Youth For Change Bangladesh has been registered as a youth organization under the Dept. of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Government of Bangladesh in 2019.

Organizational Vision/ Organizational Philosophy
A world where young people are empowered, active and equal citizens who are able to reach their full potential.

Organizational Values
Youth For Change Bangladesh (YFC BD) aims to work for ensuring gender equality and women empowerment to the fullest sense. The organisation upholds its promise to build up the capacity of young people to advocate for the issues that effect the society and become changemakers in their respective communities. Inclusion, participation, and innovation are always emphasized in YFC-BD's strategies and approach. Together, these values bind YFC-BD to its aim to bring positive change in the world.

Organizational Mission Statement
To ensure young people are involved and are able positively influence policy decisions that affect their lives.

Working Area
National Level

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