Background of SOLIDARITY
SOLIDARITY is a non-government, and non-profitable development organization, working since 1992 in the Kurigram district as well as north-western part of Bangladesh. Since its inception, SOLIDARITY has been working to develop the disadvantaged and underprivileged people of Kurigram and Lalmonirhat districts. Out of these areas, Kurigram is more prone to natural disasters, which disrupt the lives of many whom already suffer many hardships. Moreover sixteen rivers including Bramahputra, Tista, and Dharla are flows across the areas. It is a common scenario of this area is uncertain heavy and permanent flood, river erosion, droughts; too much cold spells with thick fog, rainless hot sunlight make life in this area extremely difficult. Most of the peoples of this area are under poor level (hardcore poor), landless and permanent workless. Lack of employment opportunities causes great adversity for many rural poor. As a result there is a deformity period is calm down in every year called `Food security' towards the community including scarcity and pestilence strict. So peoples are trying against this kind of natural disaster and trap of social exploitation in their own track. They are bound to tackle the life and livelihood straggle and have taken various unforeseen and risky situation. A great number of men migrate to large cities in search of jobs. The organization is more capable to addressing disaster activities.

Under such conditions, the organization has improved the livelihood, to reduce poverty and violence against women, children, ensuring adolescents Sexual Reproductive Health of urban slums of Kurigram as well as northern part of Bangladesh. Over the years, due to more responsive and effective to the needs, it has diversified its program interventions and did increase its geographic coverage both in rural and urban areas. SOLIDARITY has been working for changing disadvantage, neglected and most vulnerable men, women, youth, adolescents and children though alleviate poverty, improve their life & livelihood and mainstreaming on development initiative. In this process SOLIDARITY has been addressing empowerment activities for household and community level with the long-term vision to contribute sustainable development. The intervention includes different project/program on Non-formal education, Socio-economic development,, Primary health care & SRH, Char Livelihood development, water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion, environmental sanitation, microfinance, agriculture, IGA, Skill training, capacity building, gender equality, Food security, Nutrition, Governance, Human rights, Humanitarian activities, disaster Management etc. for the disadvantaged poor and most vulnerable people. SOLIDARITY has meet proficiency on disaster mitigation and food security from numbers of project implementation and also brought remarkable changes from 29 years of serving experience to the disadvantage and marginalized poor. The organization Cross cutting issues are Gender equality and SRHR, child rights.

Headquarter of this organization is based in Kurigram New Town area. It has own space (0.33 decimal land with building) of a training center in Kurigram town for capacity building of GOs/NGOs staff as well as organizational income generation. Skilled and experienced training personnel’s, sound management along with well equipped and updated facilities are available in the center. Headquarter of this organization is based in Kurigram New Town area

This organization has separate Human Resource, Capacity building and training, Compliance mechanism, Advocacy/Influencing, Safeguarding monitoring and evaluation and audit section that are responsible to ensuring that all projects are on track and contributing to the log frame. Organize external evaluation and audit makes recommendation on progress and challenges.

The management information system section store all information related to organization assessments. A strong Finance and administration and internal control system run the operations of Solidarity fund provided by various donors by the maintaining financial and procurement policy. The organization has Human Resource policy (HR Policy), Child rights policy, Right to information policy, Fraud policy, Gender policy, Disaster policy and contingency policy and Cost sharing policy for the betterment of the staff as well as of the organization.

The Organization Goal : SOLIDARITY is Everywhere in Human Life.

Objectives: Objectives of this organization are design as letter-sequence of `SOLIDARITY' name:

  • S : Social Justice; To establish social justice;
  • O : Organization; To organize neglected, oppressed, deprived, disadvantage and marginalized adolescents, youth, women, men through capacity building and improve their quality of life and livelihood.
  • L : Liberation Consciousness; To preserve and culture the glorious monument and history of Bangladesh's liberation war.
  • I : Intellectuality; To inspire latest invention and modernization for manifestation of intellectuals.
  • D : Development; To ensure science and technology-familiar sustainable development for alleviation of poverty, ensuring resource mobilization, Adolescents Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Income generation, education, primary health care, agriculture and non agriculture and resource utilization properly.
  • A : Awareness; To eradicate social behindhand, superstitious and ignorance of state policies through awareness building.
  • R : Rights; To establish people rights (health, education, adolescent youth & women empowerment) recognized by UN and state.
  • I : Impact of Ecological Environment; To protect environment and peace for saving human being.
  • T : Tradition and Culture; Having cultural heritages & festivals towards life against ill-culture.
  • Y : Yeomen's Services; To assist every necessary support for neglected people through disaster Period.

Organizational Vision/ Organizational Philosophy
SOLIDARITY is everywhere in Human Life. To be expected a society of Community of choice within worldwide movement dedicated to eradicating poverty. SOLIDARITY seeks a country based on social justice, people’s organization, liberation conciseness, intellectuality, development, awareness, human rights, Skill development Training, impact on ecological environment, pride in culture in tradition and bring about positive changes in the lives of the vulnerable people, women and children where poverty will be overcome and people live in dignity and security.

Organizational Values
Core values of the organization are Right Based Approaches for Child protection, Youth, Women & Socially Excluded People, Accountability Transparency and Participation for ensuring good governance and Promote Gender, Livelihoods development and eradicating poverty.

Organizational Mission Statement
Building strong community based organizations (CBOs) which will eventually be able to plan, priorities and implement their own development programs through mobilization and combination of resources: - Household and Community, Government, Donor agencies and concerned civil society. To enhance community and the organizational capacity for positive changes in the lives of the vulnerable people’s women, adolescents, youth and children for reducing their poverty, improve livelihood and peoples live in dignity and security.

Working Area
Kurigram District.

List of online course certificate holders

Pabitra Kumar Sarker Pabitra Kumar Sarker Pabitra Kumar Sarker

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