Background of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh
Aparajeyo-Bangladesh (AB), founded in 1995 is a national level non-profit Human Rights Organization (NGO) in Bangladesh and has been working for the cause of disadvantaged Children. AB implements several time bound projects across the country financed by Foreign Donors, local donors and also community Contribution. AB is duly registered with the Social Welfare Director under The Societies Registration Act.XXI of 1860 vide registration No-S-4125(227)04 dated 26 September 2004 and with NGO affairs Bureau, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh vide registration No.908 dated 20 February 1995.

Organizational Philosophy
To provide assistance to children in distress and to ensure that everything possible is done to safeguard for them a fair and secure life. The children of today are the future and it is our responsibility to invest in them. AB is free from political, religious and ethnic bias.

Organizational Values
AB has taken sides - we are on the side of disadvantaged children - those opposed by violence, poverty, abuse and exploitation. AB's values are to: Respect a child's inherent abilities. Believe in every child's ability to achieve, succeed and contribute. Enable children to take control and positively change the direction of their lives. Work in ways that demonstrate respect for the individual. For children who have lost their own hope and self-respect AB offers a real option or change. Develop a wide range of 'partnerships' - encourage funders, supporters and other development agencies to join us on the side of disadvantaged children.

Organizational Mission Statement
To support the most vulnerable children who are socially and economically disadvantaged, living in urban cities of Bangladesh. Provide a range of rights-based services designed to improve their quality of life. These services are principally, protection, rescue, education, healthcare, skills training, socio-economic development and participation. They are provided in ways that reinforce the culture, faith and value of the children and are also offered fairly, relevantly and without discrimination.

Working Area (Y-Moves)
Dhaka- Shajahanpur, Extended Shajahanpur, Fakirapool, Komlapur, Motijheel

List of online course certificate holders

Md. Arifuzzaman Md. Arifuzzaman Md. Arifuzzaman
Waheed Nawaz Waheed Nawaz Waheed Nawaz
Waheed Nawaz Waheed Nawaz Waheed Nawaz
Dr. Zahedul Islam Zadu Dr. Zahedul Islam Zadu Dr. Zahedul Islam Zadu
Asim Patra Asim Patra Asim Patra
Md. Julfiker Ali Md. Julfiker Ali Md. Julfiker Ali
Eric Thipthorpe Eric Thipthorpe Eric Thipthorpe
S M Abir Anwar S M Abir Anwar S M Abir Anwar

Website : https://www.aparajeyo.org/